Mobile Services

When your business takes you directly to customers, whether it’s tableside, in a check-out line or at trade shows, festivals or in-home parties, we have solutions that make their purchases easy and assist your business. From a high-powered portable business system that helps manage daily operations to mobile options that provide affordable and secure payment processing, you’ll be able to serve your customers confidently wherever they are.

Clover Go: Wherever Your Business Takes You

Tap. Swipe. Dip. Repeat.

No matter how your customer is paying — EMV® chip, swipe, or with their mobile device, Clover Go can take it. You can even manage your account wherever you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, all from your smartphone or tablet.

Accepting payments on your mobile device is simple, secure, and reliable with Clover Go. And with 24x7 customer service, you can speak with someone to answer questions or lend a helping hand.

Simple — Ready right out of the box with a quick charge

Secure — Gain peace of mind with Clover Security protection and EMV® chip card acceptance

Smart — See your transaction history and competitive sales comparisons with Clover Insights

How it works

Once approved, just download the free mobile application from the iTunes® App Store or Google Play store, enter credit card information and accept cash transactions immediately. You’ll soon receive your new EMV® enabled card reader in the mail.

Contact us to see how Clover Go can meet your needs.