In-Store Solutions

You want every customer who walks through your door to have a seamless and simple buying experience. But if your customers can't pay how, when and where they want, you might fall short at the most critical part: completing the transaction. With SunTrust Merchant Services provided by First Data, we have it covered with our in-store solutions.

Help your sales run even more smoothly.

retailThe First Data® Retail Solution lets you streamline your retail business with a fully integrated and easy-to-use system that processes payments, manages inventory, tracks sales, controls costs, improves customer service, and better guides business decisions. And all the hardware and software you’ll need to enjoy those benefits comes standard.

The First Data Retail Solution Features:

  • Speed up checkout time with built-in transaction processing
  • Check prices, inventory availability, and stock location with ease
  • Create tailored sales programs to drive store traffic
  • Identify sales trends across departments to optimize stock levels
  • Touch-screen functionality
  • Real-time, customizable sales activity and inventory reports
  • Retail-tested hardware that performs in the most demanding situations
  • Automatically generated purchase orders
  • Installation support, training, and customer service
  • Three-year warranty with no monthly maintenance fees