In-Store Solutions

You want every customer who walks through your door to have a seamless and simple buying experience. But if your customers can't pay how, when and where they want, you might fall short at the most critical part: completing the transaction. With SunTrust Merchant Services provided by First Data, we have it covered with our in-store solutions.

Fully integrated POS solutions for restaurants and retail businesses.

Retailers and restaurants need POS solutions designed to meet their specific needs. Which is why we offer a variety of PC-based terminals that go beyond the cash register. From an elegant counter-based solution to specialized terminals and a sleek handheld device, you’ll enjoy the power of a personal computer, inventory management software and payment processing system. Accomplish more in less time, so you can focus on the parts of your business you enjoy.

Clover Mini

The next generation of payment terminals is the size of a tablet, has the power of a big business system and requires minimal counter space. Intuitive to use, it handles many types of payments—including EMV® cards—tracks inventory, and comes with free apps designed to gain customer insight and build loyalty.

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Clover Station

A powerful business management system designed to simplify your day-to-day operations. Clover Station helps you track inventory, manage employees, gain customer insight, build lasting customer relationships, and accept many types of payments—including EMV cards—with cutting-edge security and ease.

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First Data® Retail Solution   

Designed with retailers in mind, this fully integrated PC-based solution combines a personal computer, inventory management software, and a payment processing system. Built-in transaction processing and touch-screen convenience that could help improve checkout times, too.

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First Data® Restaurant Solution  

Manage your menu, personnel, and finances all with one solution. Find features like built-in payment processing and simple touch-screen functionality to speed guest check processing. Automate order management, track sales, pull end-of-shift server reports, and so much more.

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Using EMV technology improves security and fraud protection over standard magnetic swipe technology. The chip on EMV cards is a microprocessor capable of both storing information securely (encrypted) and performing processing functions. In October 2015, the Card networks shifted liability for fraudulent card present transactions based on transaction security capabilities. Currently, First Data offers a range of POS equipment that can support EMV chip technology. Contact us today to find out how to better protect your business from experiencing fraud by having EMV chip technology.