Industry Solutions

We understand that the needs of your customers, and your business, are constantly evolving. That’s why we offer a range of innovative solutions specific to your trade. We can help you win new customers, build customer loyalty, attract repeat business, create efficiencies, as well as offer your customers convenient and safe purchases.

Apple Pay®

The easy way to pay that keeps customers coming back.

Be ready to offer what your customers want. Apple Pay is the new and exciting contactless payment option that lets your customers make their purchases safely, securely and effortlessly.

It’s secure. EMV®-compliant security features are built right in, so you and your customers can transact with confidence.

It’s fast. Payments happen in a single touch, allowing customers to get in and out quickly

It’s convenient. Apple Pay comes with your customers’ Apple iPhone© 6 or Apple Watch©, so it’s always ready wherever they are—especially in your store.

It’s easy. No special instructions are required. Apple Pay is the easy-to-understand payment method for customers and cashiers.

Can your business accept Apple Pay?

Put the power of Apple Pay convenience to work for your business. To get started, and upgrade to EMV-compliant contactless acceptance, call 866-958-6211.